Exposed Exhaust Riser

What we have here is your basic fire hazard. Cooling water is injected into the aft section of this exhaust riser (where the hose is), however between that point and the engine, it’s essentially a dry exhaust and gets extremely hot. This section of the riser should be wrapped with a suitable insulating material to … Read More


The potential problems caused by any joint formed by clamping a larger sized hose on a smaller one are obvious, but it’s particularly bad when done in the exhaust system. Not only does it create a potential source of CO leakage into the interior, but failure here also means the engine would be pumping water … Read More

Damaged Exhaust Riser

Cracked and severely corroded exhaust riser for a small diesel auxiliary on a 30-foot sailboat. If it’s this bad the outside, just imagine what the inside looks like. That corroded fuel shut-off control line resting against the of the riser isn’t looking too good either. Engine manifolds and exhaust risers should be periodically removed, pressure … Read More

No Engine Room

Small boats and big engines often equate to major headaches from both a survey and upkeep standpoint.  These twin 454 Crusaders were shoehorned in so tight an average-sized person could barely wedge himself in sidewise between them, let alone conduct preventative maintenance or repairs.  It’s also impossible to physically access the spaces forward and outboard … Read More

Worn Cutless Bearing

This is one of two cutless bearings on a 32 foot power vessel that were allowed to wear so severely that both shafts were damaged and had to be replaced. The seller had replaced both bearings the day before the survey, however both shafts still had significant play. When pulled, it was discovered both shafts … Read More