Episode 17: No engine room, a worn cutless bearing, hose clamp fail, and misused PVC valves.

Episode 16: Bad vinyl chain, vessel instability, flare gun fails and things that make you go hmmm.

Ep 15: Dripless (but not maintenance free), fuel tank goo, failed flare guns, and bad hoses.

Ep.14: Charred AC power plugs, wet decks, corroded prop shafts and static waterline fails.

Ep 13: Aluminum fuel tanks, deck fill fails, AC shore power plug fires and ignition protection.

Ep 12: Bonding systems, battery switch fails, AC power outlets and “crowded post syndrome”.

Ep.11: Electrical connections and a “what’s wrong with this picture” challenge.

Ep.10: LPG vents, AC power death-wishes, bilge pump flappers and seacock fails.

Ep.9: Bad exhaust risers, hose to hose joints, no engine room and worn cutless bearings.

Ep.8: Cracked standing rigging swaged fittings, critters onboard, interior leaks and trawler juice.

Ep.7: Rusty ballast, an electrical gremlin birthing chamber and “the nut” controversy.

Ep.6: disappearing stern drives, anchor shackle screw-ups and LPG system shenanigans.

Ep.5: Backup bilge pumps, hose clamp fails, copper fuses and vice-grips!

Ep.4: Bad wiring, rotten hose, dirty bilges, Jack Daniels and Pepe Lopez!

Ep.3: Cracked thru-hulls, hose-less seacocks, fuel buckets and more!

Ep.2: How not to heat a boat, LPG leaks, battery charger follies and exhaust fails.

Ep.1: Anchoring, DC electrical systems, navigation lights and more!