Back-up Bilge Pump

Back-up bilge pumps are always a good idea, however there are a few points to consider during installation to ensure they work properly when needed.  Here the back-up pump float switch is located a suitable height above the primary pump switch, however the back-up pump itself is located at the same level as the primary … Read More

Improperly Installed Bilge Flapper Switch

Float switches must be securely mounted and installed clear of wires, hoses and other obstructions that can impede operation of the floating-arm or flapper switch. Orient the switch fore and aft, with the flapper pointed toward the stern. This is especially important on powerboats; during jackrabbit takeoffs, surging bilge water can damage the flapper mechanism. … Read More

Faulty Gate Valve

Here sailorman ingenuity has once again reared its hoary old head in efforts to sink yet another vessel. The handle of the bilge manifold valve pictured above broke off and was replaced with that venerable standby, locking pliers. Aside from the damage inflicted to the valve’s stem, chances are they’ll be “borrowed” by a crewmember … Read More