Get the Hook Anchoring your boat needn't be a three-ring circus. Here's how to make it more like a ballet.
Getting Pumped The more you know about bilge pumps, the less chance you'll end up being the proverbial scared sailor with a bucket.
Waking the Dog Some systems and devices on a boat are easy to take for granted, but ignoring them can cost you.

Soak up some sun Solar panel selection and installation

Sure It's Waterproof ... I Think Can your new handheld GPS pass the deep-water test?

Boatfolks A comical look at why boats are only half the fun – now playing at a marina near you.

On The Spot Engine Check
A preliminary engine inspection can help you decide if that boat you’re thinking of buying should make the first cut. Here’s what to look for.

Pocket Weather Meters Be your own weatherman.

Just the Fax Ma'am ~ Boaters have long relied on a weather fax to stay abreast of meteorological developments. Now they can opt for digital reception.

Onboard Security Systems

Satellite Radio ~ Whether you convert your existing radio or buy new equipment, it¹s easy to tune into satellite radio onboard.

Learning the Ropes Braided, twisted, synthetic, natural – how to untangle what’s on the market today rope-wise and why, when, and where you’ll want to use each.

Personal Locator Beacons - This time it's personal
What good is an emergency locator beacon on the boat if you’re in the water? A look at the latest in PLB technology.

Catch the Wind Wind generators offer boat owners a free, unlimited source of energy to power all those onboard necessities. Here's how they work.

Don't Be Cruel To Your Stuffing Box ~ Regular replacement of the packing around your engine shaft will keep your bilge dry and protect your drive train.

More Power To Ya! Today's gensets are smaller, quieter and more efficient than ever. Here's what you need to know to choose the right one for your boat.

Phoning Home It's easier (and cheaper) than ever for boaters to stay in touch with the rest of the world by phone.

Come on and take a free ride Making the most of your test sail.

Hardware Horrors Why we're our own worst enemy when it comes to drilling, mounting and screwing things to our boats.

X Marks the Spot Electronic charts are here to stay, but which kind is right for you?

Chart Displays Everything you wanted to know about chart displays but were afraid to ask...

Family Radio Service (FRS) Radios

Planning and installing a deck washdown system


Choosing an anchor windlass

Anchoring 201 ~ There are times when simply figuring out scope and dropping the hook just isn't enough..

Setting Your Own Mooring Buoy

Installing a High Water Bilge Alarm

VHF Installation

Vinyl Enclosure Care

Find those leaks!

Engine Room Inspections ~ critical checks for your annual haulout

How to pick up a mooring ball (and still be friends after)

Going Aloft (How to get there and back- safely!)

Inspecting Your Navigation Lights - Is your boat ready for the night life?

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